How to Plan Your Video

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In our previous blog we explored the importance of investing in video as part of your organisation’s content strategy. Planning and organisation before filming are also crucial so the shoot runs smoothly and the crew can concentrate on what they do best; capturing beautiful footage. A reputable video production agency like Purple Door Media will work with you beforehand to guide you through the process, but it’s always worth a little extra planning too.

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Here are our top tips:

  • What are you looking to say? -  Whatever you’d like to communicate, put yourself in the position of someone who has never heard of your organisation or specific products and services. Think about the story you’d like to tell with a beginning, a middle and an end. Here at Purple Door Media we take this information and craft a ‘Film Treatment’ so we’re all on the same page prior to the day of filming. 
  • Get organised  -  If you’re including people in your film, make sure you’ve popped time in diaries so they turn up when they’re supposed to. Draw up a schedule that allocates shooting times with each contributor. Set aside time for the interview and to get extra shots. Consider the proximity of locations and travel times between locations. Take time for breaks (stay fed and watered) and for setting up at each location. You’ll be surprised how quickly the day runs away. 
  • Think about visuals and location - Pictures help to bring your story to life! Choose a location which has an interesting background for interviews. If you’re struggling, you may want to consider using a coloured backdrop which any reputable video production company can provide. Plain white can also work well, especially if you want to bring graphics up on-screen at the same time.  You can also consider using b-roll or cut-aways. These are extra shots that illustrate the subject matter. Drone videography, animation and motion graphics can also look great! Or perhaps you have your own stills or videos you’d like to use.  Have a chat with the video production company during the planning stage and find the solution that works best for you.
  • Pick the right people - Consider people within your organisation or maybe clients who will be passionate, confident and engaging in front of the camera. You’ll get so much more out of the shoot and it’ll be much easier to produce great results.  Don’t script interviewees. Their contribution will sound more natural and less rehearsed if they don’t memorise what they want to say. A good director will be able to draw out the right content in a conversational way.  Finally, don’t use language that is overly corporate or complex. Spell out any acronyms. 
  •  Quality is key - There are video production companies and one-man bands of varying size and quality. It’s important to work with a reputable video production agency such as Purple Door Media. We shoot with full HD, broadcast quality cameras and have all the gadgets to make your film sing. We love to collaborate and are happy to advise on content, style and contributors. From concept to final delivery, you can trust us to create a slick video that gets people talking.

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