Motion Graphics vs Animation

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If you’re considering using animation or motion graphics, ensure you’re using the right visual style to promote your message. What’s the difference?


Motion Graphics is the process where animation is embedded into a live action scene, i.e. something which is filmed with a camera using a real location, and actors/ interviewees. It is then processed using various techniques so the effects in the shot are composited into the scenery.

If you´re trying to explain complex ideas or concepts, this type of video can be really useful: they´re highly explanatory and can make your audience understand the idea in a matter of seconds.

Motion graphics videos are also a good resource to pass on economic or financial information, which usually involves a lot of numbers, statistics and graphs.

Here’s one of our motion graphics videos:


Funky characters, inspiring stories and a more human approach are typical features of animation. Storytelling plays a key role here: how you tell the story of the main character and how she/he solves the problem with the help of your product.

This type of video is engaging and entertaining and work great on social media platforms because they inject a dose of humour!

Check out one of our animations as an example:

Animation and motion graphics have a complex relationship. “Animators” and “motion graphics designers” tend to rely on very similar tools, both from a software perspective and from a craft perspective. At Purple Door Media we have all the tools and expertise you need to create the perfect video, whichever style you choose!